Physical Security


Secure your home and work environments for peace of mind 24/7





Cyber criminals never rest. They sleep with one eye open to continually find new ways to penetrate your home and workplace’s shields, working hard to steal your sensitive information and data. Thankfully, you can ensure their efforts are futile by knowing what to look out for, how to catch unauthenticated individuals in their tracks, and how to implement effective physical security measures at home and the office.

For eLearning to be effective, it needs to be engaging (and fun). That’s why we take learners on an exciting learning journey, with additional resources they can turn to for support anytime. With interactive segments and stimulating videos throughout, Knowledge Lab makes cybersecurity education fun for all. All Knowledge Lab courses are WCAG AA compliant too.

Once you’ve completed our Physical Security module, you will know how to:

  • Create and maintain a more secure computer and server environment at home and work
  • Build effective security practices at your household and office spaces
  • Understand and evaluate the security risks of various unauthenticated visitors

Knowledge is power and with more insight on how cybercriminals think, what they’re trying to achieve and how you can beat them at their own game. Sleep better at night knowing, your home and office are 100% secure. Start the course today.

Once your employees have completed their course, they will receive a certificate of recognition to use for potential incentives in your business.

Pricing and Licensing

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