It’s your data and your rights. Understanding how your data is protected by organisations is crucial. Your organisation also have a responsibility for ensuring that data is gathered, stored and processed lawfully.




After successfully passing the General Data Protection Regulations module, learners will gain the ability to: 

  1. Evaluate whether data is ‘personal data’ or ‘special category information’.
  2. Summarise the rights and responsibilities of individuals and organisations. 
  3. Manage data security by ensuring adequate storage is in place and data breach opportunities are minimised. 
  4. Relate to the appropriate policies for data security.

Many employees see eLearning as a compliance action, with no real engagement. Our eLearning let’s the learner explore a different avenue of learning. The eLearning has resources they can keep for future reference and guidance, videos and interactivity to explore different learning methods.

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Upon completion, your employees will receive a certificate that you can use internally to offer incentives

Pricing & Licensing
Each unit purchased is for a single user year long license of the course.