Giving Data Proper Respect



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Data protection should be obvious, but unfortunately, our data continues to be taken advantage of worldwide every single day. If you run a business and want to demonstrate how much you care for your workers, customers and suppliers, let this course show you how to gather, store, and process data lawfully. After all, no business wants to be found guilty of mishandling data when you didn’t even realise you were doing anything wrong.

The GDPR, short for the General Data Protection Regulation, came into effect on the 25th of May 2018. The regulation acts as a guideline for data collection and processing to protect people online. Every organisation has a responsibility to protect the data of its employees, customers and suppliers, and this course will show you how to put such data protection on autopilot while demonstrating that you are “with the times.”

Once you’ve completed our GDPR module, you will know how to:

  • Define the GDPR and understand why it exists
  • Evaluate whether data falls under “personal” or “special category information”
  • Summarise the rights and responsibilities of your organisation and all the people in it
  • Confidently manage data security by ensuring plenty of storage space
  • Do what is needed to minimise and prevent the chances of a breach
  • Understand the appropriate data security policies

Ready to understand the GDPR, and avoid the hefty fines associated with being in breach of it? Start the course and journey today.

For eLearning to be effective, it needs to be engaging (and fun). That’s why we take learners on an exciting learning journey, with additional resources they can turn to for support anytime. With interactive segments and stimulating videos throughout, Knowledge Lab makes cybersecurity education fun for all. All Knowledge Lab courses are WCAG AA compliant too.

Once your employees have completed their course, they will receive a certificate of recognition to use for potential incentives in your business.

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