Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Ultima has policies and procedures to make sure that your workplace is safe and inviting. Every day we all embrace technology, but we must do it safely. Lifting requires a technique to prevent personal injury. We’ll cover how to move around the warehouse safely. Physical health is very important, but so is our mental health. Ultima has extensive support in place.

Ultima’s mission is to stand side by side with businesses to manage the demands and rewards of today’s ‘always-on’ digital world.

At the core of this mission is you. Without talented individuals like you, Ultima won’t be able to deliver the same ‘always-on’ service by passionate individuals our customers have grown to love.

To ensure Ultima is a safe place to work, we have put together this Health, Safety and Wellbeing course.

You must complete this training by 13th October 2023.

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Course Includes

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